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 How to Get to the Venue

Travel from Taoyuan International Airport to the GIS NTU Convention Center

1.By Taxi

The most convenient way to arrive the GIS NTU Convention Center from Taoyuan International Airport is by taxi. There are taxi stations at both terminal 1 and terminal 2 of the airport. A taxi from Taoyuan International Airport to the GIS NTU Convention Center will cost approximately NTD 1,200.

Be sure to bring a copy of the GIS NTU Convention Center’s address in order to tell the taxi driver where to go. A copy of the address written in traditional Chinese would be especially helpful.

Venue address: GIS NTU Convention Center
No. 85, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan
台北市羅斯福路四段85號 台大集思會議中心

2.By Public Transport

From Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Main Station:

  • By Bus
    There are shuttle buses from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Main Station. The shuttle bus station located at the southwest side of the terminal 1, and the northeast side of the terminal 2. It usually costs NTD 110 to 140 (approx. USD 3 to 4) and takes 60 mins to Taipei Main station.

  • By High Speed Rail (a.k.a Taiwan Shin Kansen)
    There are shuttle buses from Taoyuan International Airport to the Taoyuan high speed rail station. It takes less than 20 mins from Taoyuan High Speed Rail station to Taipei Main station. The travel costs NTD 100 to 150 (approx. USD 3 to 4) plus NTD30 (approx. USD 1) for the shuttle bus.

    From Taipei Main Station to the GIS NTU Convention Center:

    When arriving Taipei Main Station, please go down stairs to transfer to the MRT (Metro Taipei) system. Take the Green Line (Xindian) to the Gongguan station. The GIS NTU Convention Center is located outside the Exit 2 of the Gongguan station. Please turn left when you get out the Exit 2 of the Gongguan station and walk about 80m. The GIS NTU Convention Center is on your left.

 Airport Transportation

Please visit Taoyuan International Airport website for more information about Taoyuan International Airport.

 Local Transportation

1.Taipei Metro (MRT)

The MRT currently has five major lines in operation: the Brown Line (Muzha), the Red Line (Danshui / Beitou), the Orange Line (Nanshijiao), the Green Line (Xindian), and the Blue Line (Kunyang). The five lines pass by a variety of attractions and scenic spots, and visitors can take a leisurely journey around Taipei and its suburbs by using the MRT system.

Auto ticketing machines can be found in MRT stations, and all stations are equipped with change machines. Single-journey ticket prices range from NTD20~NTD65 depending on the distance traveled. A NTD150 "one-day pass" purchased from service booths will allow unlimited travel along all MRT lines within one day.

If you want to come to APCV 2010 Venue, please check the map to find Gongguan station (Xindian Line/Green Line) first and make sure you are heading in the right direction of the line. You can always transfer at Taipei Main Station and other major transfer stations to reach your destination.

  • MRT operating hours: 06:00~24:00

  • To provide passengers with a comfortable and safe ride, smoking, drinking & gum chewing are strictly
    prohibited in the paid area, and food consumption is only permitted in designated areas.

  • Tickets are valid on the day of purchase.
    For more information, please check Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (Metro Taipei) website.


buses are one of the most important means of transportation in Taipei, with almost 200 routes stretching throughout the city, including more than a dozen routes that pass the conference venue. They operate on an express lane grid system, making transfers easy. Full fare per section is NTD15.

More information about local transportation in Taipei can be found at Taipei bus and Transportation Information System.


There are many taxis operating in and around Taipei. The rate for taxis in Taipei is NTD 70 for the first 1.25 kilometers and NTD 5 for each additional 250 meters. A surcharge NTD 20 is added between 11:00PM and 6:00AM. “Waiting surcharge” NTD 5 for each 1 minute and 40 seconds is added when the taxi is stopped or is traveling at less than 5 kilometers per hour. Taxi cabs can be easily found on the streets inside the Taipei city. You can just raise your hand and give them a signal to let them know that you need their service.

 Currency & Exchange

The monetary unit is the New Taiwan dollar (NTD), which has five denominations in paper and four in coin. Paper money is in NTD2,000, NTD1,000, NTD500, NTD200 and NTD100 notes. Coins are in NTD50, NTD10, NTD5 and NTD1 denominations.
Foreign currencies can be exchanged at government-designated banks and international airports. Receipts are given when currency is exchanged, and must be presented in order to exchange unused NT dollars before departure.
For different currencies, please visit the Currency Converter websites XE.com.

The exchange rate is approximately:

1 USD 33.0 NTD(est.)
1 EUR 46.5 NTD(est.)
1 AUD 27.2 NTD(est.)
1 YEN 0.35 NTD(est.)

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